The New BMS 205 Bass Management System by Sonodyne

Sonodyne BMS205

What is the Sonodyne BMS 205

The Sonodyne BMS 205 is a unique bass management system which is the perfect 2.1 and 5.1 solution for recording studios, post-production and broadcast. At a slim 1U, it houses an innovative feature to setup the SMs and SLF in 2.1 or 5.1 modes.

The BMS 205 allows you to activate one of 3 HPF for the main channels or play them in full range mode. In 2.1 mode the LFE signal can be derived from a summed L, R. Another exciting feature is the mute / solo option that allows you to mute or solo individual channels.

The BMS 205 is also supplied with the stunning new wired remote control (BMS 205r) that sits neatly on your desktop and allows you to control master level and mute.

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