Sonodyne Users

Sphere Studios, London

Sphere Studios with Sonodyne SM100Ak's Francesco Cameli & Simon Bohannon -
Sphere Studios, London
"As we were looking for new nearfield monitors. we tried quite a few. Then along came the SM 100AK and wow! Such details and smoothness, and in our opinion, out-performing some of the far more expensive competitors. So it was a no brainer ... yes, please!"

-Francesco Cameli, Sphere Studios, London

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Jungle Group, London

Jungle Studios with Sonodyne SM50Ak's James Saunders & Graham Ebbs -
Jungle Group, London
"I am amazed at the detail that the Sonodyne SM 50Ak's give me. I really can trust them. And they sound so full and smooth for such a compact monitor"

-James Saunders, Jungle Group, London.

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Josh Blair

Josh blair with Sonodyne SM100Ak's Josh Blair, Engineer, Producer
"..With tight bass, flat mids and extended highs this is the new reference"

-Josh Blair, Engineer/Producer (Duran Duran, Beyoncë, Take That, Stereophonics, Melanie C, Leona Lewis & many more...)

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