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***NEW*** Sonodyne BMS205

Sonodyne BMS 205

The Sonodyne BMS 205 is a unique bass management system which is the perfect 2.1 and 5.1 solution for recording studios, post-production and broadcast. At a slim 1U, it houses an innovative feature to setup the SMs and SLF in 2.1 or 5.1 modes.

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Sonodyne SM50Ak

Sonodyne SM50Ak

The SM50Ak is ideal for not only for desktop editing but also serious audio monitoring. It provides a well articulated yet full bodied response from its compact enclosure. The highs are open, the mids well resolved, and the bass, tight.

The SM50AK is magnetically shielded, and can be placed beside video monitors without interference. It has the facility for both console and wall mounting. Floor stands are optional accessories.

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Sonodyne SM100Ak

Sonodyne SM100Ak

The SM100Ak has an extended LF response compared to the SM50Ak and also a wider sweet spot. This, in conjunction with a higher SPL, readies it for the more demanding applications.

The SM100AK is magnetically shielded, and can be placed beside video monitors without interference. It has facility for both console and wall mounting.

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Sonodyne SM200Ak (Apr 2010)

Sonodyne SM200Ak

The New SM200Ak is a 2 way studio reference monitor with exceptional frequency bandwidth and sound pressure level making it an ideal solution for broadcast, and professional studios.

The SM200Ak enclosure combines the best of two worlds: wood and aluminum. The sturdy aluminum die cast baffle ensures that the 8" kevlar LF and the 1" metal dome HF are firmly mounted and vibration is minimised. Additionally the curved edges of this solid baffle also minimizes diffraction. This baffle also features an integral waveguide for the HF, resulting in precise imaging and exceptional on and off axis response.

The inbuilt low distortion amplifier module continuously provides 150 watt to the HF and 100 watt to the LF and feature room compensating bass and treble tilts useful in difficult acoustical environments.

The SM200Ak has both wall mount and stand mount options, and has both lockable XLR and TRS inputs.

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Sonodyne SLF210

Sonodyne SM210

The SLF210 meets the .1 channel need most effectively. A high excursion 10" subwoofer device with LF extension to 28 Hz makes it an ideal mate to the SM. Variable phase, corner frequency, and level are displayed on the baffle, with level and power on the remote. A 'movie' mode electronically enhances critical frequencies required for .1 channel monitoring.

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